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Our Mission

Arkansas Fox Red Labs is a family owned and operated business.  We specialize in providing you with quality AKC and UKC Fox Red Labs. We only raise and breed FOX RED LABS.  This is our speciality!  Our dogs are from outstanding championship bloodlines, which can be seen in the dark red color and "Saddles" of each of our dogs.  Our dogs our great hunting companions and show quality dogs.  We are commited to producing Dark Fox Red Labs for your hunting, showing, and family needs. We concentrate our breeding on temperament and genetic backgrouds. Our puppies will make you a great companion and wonderful family dog indoor or outdoor.  Our dogs are well suited for the weekend hunter and the professional hunter as well as family companions.  We also specialize in shipping and hand delivering our dogs to your desired destination. We are consistantly selling great young dogs and puppies, so feel free to contact us at any time and/or explore our website to see what we have ready for you today!

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Meet Our "Outstanding" Sires

We currently have 1 sire here at Arkansas Fox Red Labs. "Rusty"

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sally & Rusty our outstanding dam and sire our now for sale. Rusty = $3500 and Sally = $2500. With a $1000 downpayment I will finance the rest. Please contact me is interested! They are located at the kennel in Camden, Arkansas and must be picked up there.

We currently do not have any pups available.  Sally & Rusty are now for sale.  Please contact us if you can provide a quality home for them and we will discuss the price.

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